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Private Business Valuations

Get started on understanding your business's true value with a free Business Valuation Intro call with Invermaster. During this call, we’ll explain our process and get to know your business better so we can provide you with the best possible valuation for your company. Schedule your free intro call today!

What we do

We value a private business using more than ten valuation methodologies, compare your company's value with a database of more than 50,000 pairs and almost 1 million transactions, and develop AI recommendations to create value.

We also have an alliance with certified personnel in Business Appraisal, and we have the American Society of Appraisers accreditation in case you require certification.


Strategic Decision-Making

- Mergers and Acquisitions

- Growth Planning


Performance Measurement

- Benchmarking

- Operational Improvements


Financial Management

- Capital Raising

- Budgeting and Forecasting


Risk Management

- Insurance

- Crisis Management

Use Cases for Shareholders


Investment Decisions

- Buy/Sell Decisions

- Portfolio Management


Transparency and Accountability

- Performance Evaluation

- Dividend Policies


Exit Strategy

- Liquidity Events

- Estate Planning


Regulatory and Compliance

- Taxation

- Legal Requirements

Type of Valuations

We offer three distinct types of valuations, each designed to meet your specific objectives for determining the value of your private business. Whether you are seeking a comprehensive financial valuation or a reference point for shareholder interests, our flexible options ensure that you can choose the valuation that best suits your needs.



The "Basic Valuation" is a simple and effective way to determine a company's value compared to similar companies in the same industry. This is done using multiples of sales, profits, or other financial ratios obtained from stock market reports of developed stock exchanges and in specific purchase or sale transactions of comparable companies in regional markets.



The "Standard Valuation" includes, in addition to the activities included in the Basic Valuation, a valuation according to the discounted cash flow method using long-term financial projections to be executed by the Consultant. The analysis of the weighted average cost of capital that will be used as the discount rate is also included.


Full Potential

The "Full Potential Valuation," in addition to what is contained in the Basic and Standard, focuses on identifying the impact of the company's strategy, development, growth, or improvements that seek to obtain the business's maximum potential. Estimates the current value versus the strategic value if the assumptions of said strategy are fully met.

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