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Invermaster is the result of decades of experience of its executives in one of the most prestigious strategic consulting companies of the world (McKinsey and Bain & Company) and a group of prominent Latin American entrepreneurs of long trajectory of success and recognition.



Our Team

Foto Roberto Ponce.jpg

Roberto Eduardo Ponce Romay

Founder of Invermaster,

Managing Director of Invermaster Ventures

Mr. Ponce is the President of Invermaster and Partner of CoreCo Private Equity. He has more than 28 years of experience in strategic consulting, investment banking and private equity. Mr. Ponce had a stellar career at Bain & Company, where he held all positions, from analyst to senior manager. He was part of the founding team of Bain's offices in Mexico and Costa Rica; and was a member of Bain's initial team in Brazil. In Mexico and Central America, he participated in the conceptualization and development of the most important commercial conglomerates in the region, such as a group of airlines, global telecommunications, a global company of medical devices, a retail chain of construction materials, the chain of the region's largest supermarkets and some soft drink bottlers, a real estate developer, a logistics conglomerate, among others. He was on the board of several companies, such as a real estate developer, an investment group, a home accessories manufacturer, a software company, a regional hotel chain, a medical device manufacturer, an automotive equipment wholesaler. , a chain of restaurants and some others. He is frequently invited as a speaker at seminars and conferences, he also collaborates as a columnist in regional media and sponsors the Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs at INCAE. He has an MBA from INCAE Business School and is an aeronautical engineer from the Argentine Air Force.

Foto Ivan Aguirre.jpg

Iván Aguirre Guerra

Managing Partner of Invermaster Peru

With more than 20 years of experience in the financial and business sector in Peru, performing business consulting services to Peruvian companies, these services include financial and strategy consulting, commercial negotiation, debt restructuring, design and structuring. structural and short-term financing for startups and projects, among others. I led the opening of areas for commercial offices of the Caja Municipal de Trujillo nationwide; as well as leading commercial projects of business associations nationwide for USD 50 million. Mr. Aguirre has a Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA) from the Cesar Vallejo Private University.

Foto Gilberto Araya.jpg

Gilberto Araya Solano

Portfolio Manager and Operations

Foto Federico Zamora.jpg

Federico Zamora Cavallini

Co-Founder of Invermaster, Managing Director of Invermaster Investment Banking

Accumulates transactions for more than $ 750MM, more than 100 strategic advisory projects in all the countries of Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. It also participates by supporting the Invermaster Ventures division (private equity and venture capital). At Invermaster he has participated in several regional strategic consulting projects, company valuation, mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate finance projects. All of the above for the security industry, flows, financial services, insurance, real estate projects and forestry projects among others. Mr. Zamora also collaborated in the process of creating and structuring a regional Private Equity Fund and has extensive experience in industrial and sustainability issues. Currently, he is the Honorary Director of the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica and represents the Costa Rican private sector before FUNDECOOPERACION; a Foundation that leads, for Costa Rica, preparedness and mitigation actions in the face of climate change. Mr. Zamora, was also part of the founding team for Bain & Company in Costa Rica and since 1988 to date, has participated in the management and direction of numerous ventures, commercial, industrial and service companies, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations. . The above, both in the conceptualization stage and in day-to-day leadership. Federico has an MBA from INCAE with an emphasis in Agribusiness.

Foto Diego Fernandez.jpg

Diego Fernández de Paredes Montoya

Managing Partner of Invermaster Peru

Partner at Invermaster Peru, Partner and CEO at FDP Internacional, as well as consultant and independent director at companies in the retail and financial sector. More than 20 years of experience in strategic management and consulting in different sectors, among which are the plastic, textile, auditing, consulting and audiovisual sectors. He has directed operations in companies in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and El Salvador. It facilitated investments of more than 1.5 trillion in the oil, gas and mining sectors, and contributed to the geographical expansion of different business groups. With knowledge and direct business action in the markets of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. Mr. Fernández de Paredes has worked in business integration and development of different projects with transnational companies such as P&G, Unilever, Cargill, Nestlé, Kimberly Clark, Frito Lay, among others. He served as president of the Marketing and business development committee of RSM Latin America, president of the Acrylic Yarn committee before the National Society of Industries in Peru, director of the Textile Committee of the National society of Industries in Peru, member of the Board of Directors of the National Society of Industries in Peru, president of the services commission of the National Society of Industries. He has been invited as a speaker and panelist in different specialized forums on industrial, business and electronic commerce issues. He has participated as a guest of working groups for facilitation and integration of trade between countries of the Andean Community, Pacific Alliance and with Central America. He has Marketing training, a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Lima, International Business from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and a Master in International Business from the EOI Institute of Spain.

Mr. Araya has a professional career of more than 20 years in banking and business at the regional level. Prior to his current position at Invermaster, he held for four years and until early 2017 the position of Financial Controller for CoreCo Private Equity, a $ 54MM private equity fund focused on making capital investments in Central America, with offices in Miami, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Previously, he was Financial and Administrative Manager of a transnational company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of resins in Central America. In the banking sector, he held the position of Regional Manager of Investment Banking of the LAFISE Group where he had the opportunity to provide Investment Banking advice to a wide range of companies at the Central American level. As part of his duties, Mr. Araya has been involved in business valuation and sales, liability restructuring, company salvage, credit structuring, and raising funds for international-flag real estate / hotel projects, trust structuring, and securitization. , among other. During his banking career he was part of the credit committee of Banco LAFISE in Costa Rica, he also served as Senior Manager in the Corporate Banking area of ​​Citibank in Costa Rica and additionally worked 7 years for Scotiabank in Costa Rica where he held positions as Senior Manager Corporate Banking and Branch Manager. Mr. Araya holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Banking and Finance from the National University (California) - University of Costa Rica agreement.

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We leverage our team know-how and skills with access to leading experts, academic institutions and think-tanks.


Consulting Firms

Auditors, accounting, law firms, tax firms, information technologies, companies, industry and technical experts.


Network of Contacts

A wide network of owners and managers of leading companies in the United States of America, Europe and Latin America.


Investment Institutions

More than 50 investment banks and venture capital funds with activity and investment in the region and Multilateral Investment Institutions.


Education Intitutions

INCAE (Costa Rica), IAE (Argentina), IPADE (Mecixo), Universidad Marroquin (Guatemala), IESE, EADA (Spain), Duke, MIT, Stanford, Cornell (USA).

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